Monday, December 17, 2007

Thank you! Goodnight!

I started "Partially True Tales of High Adventure!: The Short Stories" in 2003 as an excuse to write. Now that we've made a film, "Partially True Tales of High Adventure!: The Short Film", based on these short stories (Visit the film's website here. Clickity-Click!) I've been given the chance to write my tiny-little midget-like digits to the nub.

You can still read all of the tales here on the site. And there are still ideas being kicked around where "Partially True Tales of High Adventure!" may live on as a book, a TV series, a collection of Bazooka Joe comics, or interpretive dances performed by Cirque Du Soleil Moon Fry. And we're still touring film festivals around the country. Right now we've been accepted to over 30 fests, won two awards, and made lots of new friends and fans. Several of them without drooling problems. Check out the film's website to see when we're playing near you.

Thanks to the film's success, I'm "attached" with adhesives of varying strength to write and/or direct three different feature films. I have a major label music video coming up (remember music videos?) and a commercial - or two - that will run during the Superbowl. That's right, the Superbowl where they play football. That one.

Don't worry, fans! I know there are people who read the tales and bought the t-shirts. I appreciate that. I really do. I'd buy you all something nice for Christmas but I don't know what size you wear. I'm still going to do some webtastic writery work though. I'm doing this now. It's called "A Slice of Happy" and it's an attempt to share some positivity, laughter, fun, and joy. No really. I'm not being sarcastic.

I really hope this isn't my Wings to Partially True Tales of High Adventure's Beatles. (Turns out it was.) But then again, "Live and Let Die" was a totally fucking jam.

Much like I felt like I needed to do some writing when I started "Tales" five years ago. Now I feel like we could use some light in the world. Slice of Happy is my very little way of helping. Lately it seems like everything's all liberal against conservative. Bush against The Constitution. Tasers against Babies. Studios against paying for things. Record labels against their customers. Lenny against Squiggy. Patriots against everybody. Even the smallest issue has turned into a blood-thirty, hateful, vindictive battle. I've had it.

So, I'm flippin' the switch and shining some light. I hope you come with me. Now let's watch the roaches scurry back under the fridge.